At the end of the advanced Spanish level, you will have a linguistic repertoire that will allow you to have a fluent, wide and precise communication. You will be able to adapt yourself to different registers, and thus to communicate in different environments (social, professional and cultural, etc.)

Furthermore, in the advanced Spanish level (C1-C2) , you will be able to write clear, structured and detailed texts on issues of a certain complexity, making correct use of the different mechanism of organization, articulation and cohesion of the texts. 

The difference between intermediate and advanced is through nuance. An advanced learner will be capable of constructing compound and complex  sentences with relative ease and fluidity.

An advanced one can think and mentally process things in Spanish the whole time.

In this blog category you will find resources for advanced students. Vocabulary cards, video lessons with the most difficult topics, revision exercises. If you are looking to learn advanced Spanish and that too in the easiest way possible, then you have come to the right place. This blog will be beneficial for you as you will learn different topics in an easy way. You will also be able to improve your writing skills and upgrade your vocabulary.