Teaching Spanish is a growing business and every year there are more and more Spanish teachers.

The purpose of this coaching service is to provide support and advice to ELE teachers. This mentorship will enable them to enhance their teaching skills and develop professionally. I can offer the accumulated knowledge of 20 years as an ELE teacher.

Through my work experience at international schools (and now through my online school) I have had the opportunity to coach ELE teachers on many occasions. Assisting teachers with lesson plans, scheduling, and student assessments is an enriching and interesting process. All the while we reflect on current teaching practices and encourage professional development. 

  • Educational advice
  • Different approaches to teaching the tricky points of Spanish grammar
  • Instructions on how to create your own materials and how to adapt them to different levels
  • Advice on how to deal with mixed groups of different nationalities
  • Comparative analysis of different Spanish workbooks. Where can you find what you need?
  • Awesome games to make your classroom fun
  • Resources to help you start teaching online
Alicia López, spanish teacher

I would like to get to know you! Please contact me and tell me what you need and how I can help