Keep your Spanish fresh discussing about engaging and fun topics. Gain confidence expressing yourself in a safe space where shyness, mistakes and hesitations are welcomed.

The ADVANCED SPANISH CONVERSATION CLUB (aka nos tomamos un café) is a virtual space where you can improve your oral expression through group sessions led by certified teachers.

Each week we have a meeting on a different real-world topic. You will expand your vocabulary and improve your fluency to express yourself with more confidence.

Meet other Spanish learners like you and share your experiences and opinions with them.


We will meet once a week to talk about different current topics.

Teacher Led Classes

All classes are supported by a teacher to set the topic and provide stimulating questions.

Small Groups

You’ll be put in a group of 2-4 studentsmaximun to ensure you get a chance to express yourself without getting overwhelmed.

Engaging Topics

Each class will have a unique topic, before the session you will receive the preparation material (a text, video or audio) with some questions for you to reflect on the proposed topic.


After our meeting you will receive a report with a teacher individual feedback
and some tips and suggestions for improvement.



▪️ 4 meetings
▪️ 2-4 people to further discuss the topic
▪️ 4 pre-lesson tasks
▪️ 4 feedback reports with tips and corrections


These are the groups currently available:

Tuesdays – 6pm (Madrid time)
Thursdays – 12am (Madrid time)

Wednesdays – 5pm (Madrid time)
Fridays – 1pm (Madrid time)

🎯 If you cannot find your schedule, but would like to participate, please write your proposed schedule here and we will notify you of the new conversation groups.

The Advanced Spanish Conversation Club will give you the opportunity to get an immersive and experiential education. You can improve your Spanish listening and speaking skills thanks to targeted materials and topics of discussion.

trabajo como profesora de español online
Perfectly paced lesson for me. Alicia is fantastic at providing just enough support to bring out what Spanish I have and then leading me bit by bit into the areas that I need help with. Can't wait for my next lesson.
ken testimonial
I had a very nice and entertaining Spanish lesson. She explains very well and picks up on things I am stuck with. She is easy to talk with, absolute professional and explain things perfectly.
Steph testimonial
I can highly recommend Yo hablo tú hablas, I have been taking lessons from Alicia for about two years now and still the classes are fun and never boring, I always look forward to them. I have no doubt that she is just the right person to help you with your learning goals in Spanish!
bart testimonial


Lessons are done via a video conference provider such as Skype, Butter or Zoom. You will need an internet connection and at least one video conferencing application installed.

Click on «I WANT TO JOIN»  and fill out the form. I will then contact you to arrange the day and time of your TRIAL CLASS in order to assess your level of Spanish and ascertain what your interests and goals are.

Before class, I will send you the topic we will discuss. We will use various formats, such as presenting the topic through text, video, or podcast. The important thing is to warm up your brain before the session by familiarizing yourself with the topic and its related vocabulary.

After the trial lesson, if you’d like to continue, you may make the payment through Stripe, Wise or  Paypal, a secure payment platforms.

Life happens, we get it! If you need to cancel a class, please give me at least 24 hours’ notice. This helps us adjust my schedule and offer the slot to others. Missed classes without prior notice will unfortunately not be rescheduled.