It’s perfectly normal to have reservations when choosing a Spanish teacher online, so I want you to know that there is a real person behind this project.

My name is Alicia and I am a Spanish teacher since 2001. I have also worked as a proofreader and even co-authored several books and academic articles on education.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day what I like most is teaching and helping students reach their goals. Teaching the Spanish language and researching the most effective learning methods is my thing. This passion is exactly what I’ll be sharing with you in my online Spanish lessons.

They say Spanish teachers are linguists, guides, animators, artists, actors, and psychologists as well. I agree, and I enjoy being all those things at once. I love opening doors so that students can communicate and enjoy Spanish culture.


Spanish teacher online

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Feeling stuck with your Spanish ?

You may have studied the language for years, but you still find it difficult to feel confident using your Spanish.

What use is all that Spanish vocabulary and grammar if you can’t understand a conversation?

It’s time to improve your understanding of spoken Spanish to fit in with native speakers in a real context.

Do you want me to be your spanish teacher online?

Enjoying interesting and fun lessons is the best motivation, no matter what your needs are: passing an exam, courting your Spanish girlfriend, singing Ricky Martin songs, acquiring credits for college or improving your CV.

Motivation is also born of necessity and from there it is woven into my classes.
I believe in a communicative approach, but each student has his or her own rhythm and way of learning. It’s important to adapt to the student and not vice versa.

As I focus on your interests and your way of learning, you’ll have my undivided attention in a participatory way, in a comfortable environment.

This is the best recipe for successful learning.


A trial online Spanish lesson with Alicia left me with much motivation to finally go on improving my Spanish after a long learning break. So I decided on booking more classes with her. Today I had my first 60 minute class and already learned a lot!

I am very happy with Alicia´s way of teaching and it is very obvious she has much experience in teaching. She explains very well, has good materials and her pace to move forward is perfectly adapted to my needs. Thanks Alicia, you’re a great Spanish teacher online!

Steph (Germany)

Very good class! Alicia is very prepared, explains things well, but also makes you think and figure things out instead of just telling you the answers. The lesson covered an interesting topic relating to current events in Spain and Spanish culture.

I really appreciated that she had materials prepared and referenced them during the lesson. I also appreciated that she encouraged me to speak the whole time-it was a real conversation. It is so important to choose a tutor that actually encourages you to speak and has the patience to listen to you even when you take a long time to choose a word. Alicia is that tutor. I look forward to taking more lessons with her.

Jenna (USA)

Alicia is simply the best Spanish teacher online that you can find! Her lessons are fun and engaging with no pressure or having to be self conscious about speaking! She has a clear voice that is easy to understand and she speaks at a pace that is perfect for a new learner.

I felt as if we had known each other forever after our first lesson! After a few more lessons, the magic happened when I suddenly realized that I was actually speaking Spanish! Thank you Alicia for being a great teacher and mentor.

Dolan (USA)