Welcome to my podcast for learning Spanish! A bunch of episodes for you to practice, with FREE listening activities and transcriptions. I update this section with new episodes every month.

You can find the transcription, matching audio and text so that you can look up words or phrases that you are missing. This is not necessary but helpful. However, don’t limit yourself to this. The more relaxed and confident you are, the more you enjoy your listening and reading, the better you will do.

If you want to learn Spanish by listening, you’ll need to develop good listening habits that allow you to retain information and implement what you hear in daily conversation. 

Wherever possible, while listening to this podcast for learning Spanish (or reading for meaning), try to focus on a few phrases or terms that you have just discovered or noticed, this helps the brain retain these expressions and will improve your listening skills. It also ensures that you stay focused.

Most of all remain relaxed, focus on enjoyment, and be confident that you can improve your listening skills with this podcast.

You can listen to “Yo Hablo Tú Hablas” podcast on Soundcloud, Spotify and Youtube. Enjoy it