DELE exam preparation

Learn how to prioritize the studying of subjects covered by the DELE EXAM

DELE Diplomas are internationally recognized and have great prestige, not only within public and private educational authorities but also within the business world. A DELE exam preparation course is what you need!

I’ve prepared the DELE exam for all levels, but I’ve specialized in high-level DELE exam preparation because I know that I can add more value due to my experience.

The higher level exams (DELE B2, DELE C1, DELE C2) are really demanding, you have to be competent in all your Spanish skills.

In addition to successfully trained hundreds of students prepare for the exam, I have been a member of the examining board for the last 15 years.

I know what grammar points are required, what techniques you can use to be faster and more efficient, and what tricks can help you with your oral exam.

"I’m not a miracle worker and in these DELE EXAM PREPARATION COURSES you will have to study a lot, but I am committed to supporting you throughout the process."

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  • I’ll give you writing tasks to do before the class.
  • I’ll correct your writing and grammar before the class.
  • During the class we’ll focus on exam estrategies, the oral exam and solving your doubts.
  • We’ll do, at least, 4 complete simulations.
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Let's meet us before you decide!

This DELE exam preparation courses are special because the student already has the level required by the exam. Therefore, although grammar and vocabulary issues can be reviewed, it’s not a course for learning Spanish, but rather a course to practice and learn the strategies to pass the exam.

During the classes, I’ll explain strategies and tricks for the exam and we will focus especially on speaking.

I’s a course where you will have to do homework in your free time. Writing, reading, and listening will be done primarily outside of class, you will send me the answers and I will correct everything before the class. 

We will work on simulations for the oral test.

These courses are designed for individually lessons but group lessons are available as well. In group lessons you will have more opportunities to work dynamically and learn from others. Groups will always be at the same level of Spanish (I’m pretty strict about this).

Please, feel free to  contact me  for special prices for groups.

Click on «CONTACT ME TO SCHEDULE A MEETING» and answer the form, then I will contact you to arrange the day and time of your trial class in order to assess your level of Spanish. After the trial lesson, if you’d like to continue, you may make the payment through Paypal , a secure payment platform.

Studies have shown that preparing specifically for the DELE exam increases your chances of success by up to 70%.