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The final push to nail your exam


I know it is difficult to find a tutor who can prepare you for the advanced levels of the DELE exam. 

The higher level exams (DELE B2, DELE C1, DELE C2) are really demanding, you have to be competent in all your Spanish skills. 

The DELE Preparation course is for those interested in performing their best on the DELE test. This course will prepare you to take the speaking and writing sections of the DELE exam, and it will provide you with effective strategies for tackling each task.

You will learn how to best plan your responses, which is a key step to providing well-formed and organized answers. With plenty of practice, you will know exactly what to expect when you take the actual test, reducing anxiety and boosting your confidence. 

In addition to successfully trained hundreds of students prepare for the exam, I have been a member of the examining board for the last 15 years. 

I know what grammar points are required, what techniques you can use to be faster and more efficient, and what tricks can help you with your oral exam. 

If you want to pass the DELE exam with flying colors, I’m your tutor!

dele preparation clock



▪️ 5 practice tests for the oral exam (like the real thing) + feedback

▪️ 5 writing corrections + feedback

▪️ 5 one-on-one meetings of 45 mins with tips and strategies


It is not always easy to recommend a teacher but in the case of Alicia, I have no doubt that she is just the right person to help you with your learning goals in Spanish! She is very pleasant, friendly and supportive. She helped me to pass the DELE C2 and I really enjoyed the classes and I feel so fortunate to have worked with her!
Aliki testimonial
I have improved my Spanish a lot since taking classes with Alicia. She is always well prepared, professional and incredibly committed. With Alicia I could prepare myself for DELE C1 exam and first of all I want to say that she is ideal for those who are struggling to pass this exam. I can tell that she has A LOT of experience in teaching students and and you can really feel it in the way she helps you.
daniil testimonial
I highly recommend this DELE preparation course for advanced Spanish learners. The practice tests for the oral exam were just like the real thing and the feedback I received really helped me to improve my speaking skills.
Martina testimonial

Studies have shown that preparing specifically for the DELE exam increases your chances of success by up to 70%.


Lessons are done via a video conference provider such as Skype, Butter or Zoom. You will need an internet connection and at least one video conferencing application installed.

Click on «CONTACT ME TO SCHEDULE A MEETING»  and fill out the form. I will then contact you to arrange the day and time of your TRIAL CLASS in order to assess your level of Spanish and ascertain what your interests and goals are.

Lesson times are decided between the student and teacher based on both their availability.

This DELE exam preparation course is special because the student already has the level required by the exam. Therefore, although grammar and vocabulary issues can be reviewed, it’s not a course for learning Spanish, but rather a course to practice and learn the strategies to pass the exam.

During the classes, I’ll explain strategies and tricks for the exam and we will focus especially on speaking. I’s a course where you will have to do homework in your free time.

Writing will be done outside of class, you will send me your texts and I will correct everything before the class. 

I will provide you with everything you need to practice: writing assignments and the imput to prepare for the oral exam before our meetings.

Click on «CONTACT ME TO SCHEDULE A MEETING»  and answer the form, then I will contact you to arrange the day and time of your trial class in order to assess your level of Spanish. After the trial lesson, if you’d like to continue, you may make the payment through Stripe, Wise or  Paypal, a secure payment platforms.

Life happens, we get it! If you need to cancel a class, please give me at least 24 hours’ notice. This helps us adjust my schedule and offer the slot to others. Missed classes without prior notice will unfortunately not be rescheduled.


If you aren’t sure if this DELE exam preparation course is for you, please contact us to schedule a meeting. The
call is free of charge and there is no obligation to buy.