Online Spanish lessons for advanced students

These online Spanish lessons for advanced students are designed to provide all the tools you need to level up your Spanish skills in a way that is adapted to you level and interests. 

What to expect in these Spanish lessons?

I’ll explain all the grammar and vocabulary you’ll need to speak Spanish fluently like a native. In addition to practicing speaking and improving your pronunciation, you will also practice reading and writing. 

I want you to learn grammar always in context with a communicative approach. Communicative grammar practice has often focused on speaking activities so fluency becomes more important during the practice stage. You will clear up all those doubts that keep you from moving forward.

When learners are involved in real communication, their natural strategies for language acquisition will be used, and this will allow them to learn to use the language, that’s why I love a communicative approach for learning Spanish.

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You have class waiting for you

Lessons are done via a video conference provider such as Skype,  or  Google Hangouts . You will need an internet connection and at least one video conferencing application installed.

Click on «CONTACT ME TO SCHEDULE A MEETING»  and fill out the form. I will then contact you to arrange the day and time of your TRIAL CLASS in order to assess your level of Spanish and ascertain what your interests and goals are.

I will provide everything you need to practice: complete lessons, grammar sheets, extra exercises, homework, texts, etc. Some materials I will send you in advance so that you can review the content before class.

These courses are designed for individually lessons but group lessons are available as well. In group lessons you will have more opportunities to work dynamically and learn from others. Groups will always be at the same level of Spanish (I’m pretty strict about this).

Please, feel free to contact me for special prices for groups.

Click on «CONTACT ME TO SCHEDULE A MEETING»  and answer the form, then I will contact you to arrange the day and time of your trial class in order to assess your level of Spanish. After the trial lesson, if you’d like to continue, you may make the payment through  Paypal , a secure payment platform.