Don't give up on your dream of speaking Spanish fluently with native speakers

Are you an intermediate Spanish learner and looking to level up your SPANISH?

It's time to Upgrade your skills in Spanish!

Your Spanish is quite good but you feel like you always use the same structures. 

You don’t know what to do to improve your Spanish or how to expand your vocabulary.

It is not about learning sophisticated words and put them in a flashcard app that you will use three times in your life. 

What is more, once you decide to learn these words, expect to never see them again anywhere.

You no longer see your progress, and you still find it difficult to read or listen to native content and when speaking you don’t sound as natural as you would like to.

Most of the materials are oriented to lower levels and you don’t want to review the same things over and over again. 

Deep down, you know that you must work on your Spanish in a different way to achieve different results.

Are you at a point where you feel like you don’t know what to do to level up your Spanish? 

Well, you are in the right place!

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Feeling stuck at the same level for months? Take action to improve your Spanish and become an effective and efficient student. Putting a few tips into daily practice can help you get more out of your study time. I want you to learn Spanish and how to be a better learner.



I'll help you to reach your goals with a system that makes language learning fun for you, as well as accessing your strengths to strengthen your weaknesses and improve your Spanish. I base each lesson on my student's needs and interests.



I love grammar but I know it's not the only thing you need to speak a language. Therefore, I always connect grammar with the real-life Spanish. We need to redefine the meaning of "fluency", for me it means communicate with confidence, speak without translating and not struggle at speaking.



In your next trip, I want you to feel you are a part of Spain. The language is an indicative of the character and culture of the people. Wouldn't it be great to be able to join in with the culture? You'll have a lot of fun, I promise.

Lessons are fun and engaging with no pressure or having to be self conscious about speaking! I felt as if we had known each other forever after our first lesson! After a few more lessons, the magic happened when I suddenly realized that I was actually speaking Spanish!
dolan testimonial
I can highly recommend Yo hablo tú hablas, I have been taking lessons from Alicia for about two years now and still the classes are fun and never boring, I always look forward to them. I have no doubt that she is just the right person to help you with your learning goals in Spanish!
bart testimonial
Having lived here for 10 years, my Spanish was already at a high level. But I was concerned about some gaps in my grammatical understanding, and I needed help with those. I work weekly with Alicia and she totally gets my needs, provides concise, on-point instruction and is just a joy to have class with overall.
james testimonial online Spanish lessons for advanced students
New Zealand
I had the very best time taking Spanish lessons! I had only a few words before beginning with Alicia and now I feel confident about my Spanish skills. Alicia was patient with me, and we progressed at my speed.
miriam testimonial
Perfectly paced lesson for me. Alicia is fantastic at providing just enough support to bring out what Spanish I have and then leading me bit by bit into the areas that I need help with. Can't wait for my next lesson.
ken testimonial
I had a very nice and entertaining Spanish lesson. She explains very well and picks up on things I am stuck with. She is easy to talk with, absolute professional and explain things perfectly.
online Spanish lessons for advanced students steph
Encore un excellent cours avec Alicia. Les supports sont variés, totalement adaptés à mes objectifs at surtout Alicia est vraimente hyper motivante, super sympatique, et très compétente: merci!
marthe testimonial
Alicia adapts to the things that are relevant for me and listen my requests. She has a wonderful way of teaching so that the concepts make sense immediately and stick with you!
Laura testimonial
I'm thrilled with the results! The course enabled me to improve my listening skills in a fun and engaging way. Lessons were well structured and easy to follow and I appreciated the variety of exercises.
david testimonial
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Textbook-based learning is not enough to make you a fluent Spanish speaker.

You don’t reach a high level of Spanish by learning sophisticated vocabulary or learning more grammar. 

It’s about integrating certain structures and knowing how to move through the formal and informal registers in the right way. 

An engaging and personal approach will help you to develop a deeper understanding of Spanish.

I want you to feel comfortable interacting in Spanish.