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A program to train your ears and improve your listening, it will help you to understand native speakers when they speak fast.

From an intermediate level (B1)


Hey! If you want to speak Spanish more clearly, this course can help you to imrpove your Spanish pronunciation.

All levels are welcome


It’s not about using fancy words, it’s about using the language flexibly and express yourself correctly depending on the situation.

From an advanced level (B2)


Immerse yourself in nuanced conversations and refine your spoken fluency while honing your listening abilities

From an advanced level (B2)

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Learning a language is like going to the gym, it’s better a little bit every day than a lot of time just one day.

All levels are welcome


This course is designed for those who want to connect with the Spanish language and make the most of their experience in Spain. It’s also a great fit for soon-to-be or recent expats.

A1 level

This course is designed for those who want to connect with the Spanish language and make the most of their experience in Spain. It’s also a great fit for soon-to-be or recent expats.

A2 level


Craft a unique roadmap to reach your goals and learn at your own speed. My goal is to help you learn Spanish effectively by setting clear goals and identifying the areas you need to focus on to make progress.

For those interested in performing their best on the DELE. This course will prepare you to take the speaking and writing sections, and it will provide you with effective strategies for tackling each task.

Keep your Spanish fresh discussing about engaging and fun topics. Gain confidence expressing yourself in a safe space where shyness, mistakes and hesitations are welcomed. 

asesorías para profesores de ELE

Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.

Encore un excellent cours avec Alicia. Les supports sont variés, totalement adaptés à mes objectifs at surtout Alicia est vraimente hyper motivante, super sympatique, et très compétente: merci!
marthe testimonial
I highly recommend the Boost course! I loved the speaking tasks after each lesson. I was surprised!. Having personalized feedback was great, I really felt like there was someone on the other side following my progress.
I'm thrilled with the results! The course enabled me to improve my listening skills in a fun and engaging way. Lessons were well structured and easy to follow and I appreciated the variety of exercises.
david testimonial
I had a very nice and entertaining Spanish lesson. She explains very well and picks up on things I am stuck with. She is easy to talk with, absolute professional and explain things perfectly.
online Spanish lessons for advanced students steph
These classes have improved not only our use of various complicated Spanish verb tenses, but also our knowledge of common, everyday usage of Spanish, such as "nos pone tres cervazas!" After completing only six classes with Alicia, we traveled to Spain and our experience was very different! We made more friends and were able to talk and connect with more people. The class structure and lesson aids are extremely well thought out and very professional. She listens to you about what you want/need to learn and shapes her teaching around you. We can't wait to take our next series of classes!
Alicia adapts to the things that are relevant for me and listen my requests. She has a wonderful way of teaching so that the concepts make sense immediately and stick with you!
Laura testimonial
I took this course as a complement to my Spanish classes and realized that my pronunciation was not as good as I thought it was. Thanks to all the exercises in this course, I have been able to be aware of the mistakes I had and didn't realize. I can't wait to put into practice all that I have learned on my next trip to Malaga.